Babydoll Candle


Eco-friendly soy wax candles. Hand-poured by Tonic Cotton in Montreal, QC, Canada.

  • Burn time: approx. 40 hours
  • 3.5″ x 3″ x 4″
  • 12.2 oz


Scented with Peaches & Cream, Honey & Rose.


This Babydoll is inspired by the replicant Priscilla “Pris” Stratton from the 1982 cult classic film, Blade Runner. Scented with Musk Flower & Coconut organic aromatic essences.


Scented with Fig organic aromatic essence & Dragon’s Blood phthalate-free fragrance. 

Lavender Coco

Scented with Lavender essential oil and Coconut organic aromatic essence. 

Rose & Fig

Scented with Bulgarian Rose & Fig.

Danny Torrance

Inspired by the 1980 movie character Danny Torrance from The Shining. Scented with Honey organic aromatic essence and Sage organic essential oil.


Scented with Peppermint organic essential oil & Fig organic aromatic essence. 

Cobwebs in the Nursery

Inspired by Morticia Addams & baby Pubert in the 1993 movie Addams Family Values. Scented with Musk Flower & Honey organic aromatic essence. 

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