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  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Piccolo Seeds Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables

Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables

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Seed Packets: Fruits and Vegetables by Piccolo Seeds

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Seed packs for the contemporary home garden. The fruits and vegetables you can grow from these seeds are specially designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.

Each packet come with growing instructions and advice.

All the varieties are open-pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO from controlled, certified cultivations that are Italian, EU or Extra-EU.

The number of seeds varies from pack to pack, depending on the size of the seed, the type of plant and its rarity.


Paris Market Carrot: The Paris Market carrot, also known as Tonda di Parigi or Marché de Paris, is a round heirloom variety from the 19th century. This ancient French root vegetable is actually perfect for contemporary needs: it does well where other carrots would struggle – for example in shallow, clay-rich or rocky soil. Even better, as the carrots grow just 5 cm in diameter, they’re a perfect choice for containers. They are deliciously tender, bite-sized, and extra sweet, with very smooth skin. They are a fantastic market seller and are very popular with kids because of their ping-pong-ball shape.

Slim Jim Eggplant: A terrific dwarf aubergine variety from Italy – an award-winning all-rounder in the patio vegetable category. Its dark-purple foliage and clusters of long, slim, purple fruits make it a perfect choice for ornamental and decorative gardens. Even though the variety’s origins are not clear, most accounts agree that it is southern-Italian in origin and was first introduced by Italian seed company Fratelli Ingegnoli.

Cape Gooseberry (Golden Berry): Cape Gooseberry is a nightshade plant native to Brazil that is actually closer to a tomato than a berry. Its delicious yellow-orange fruit, wrapped inside a peculiar paper - or lantern-like cape, can be considered a sweet version of the cherry tomato, with a sour note that reminds one of a cranberry. Cape Gooseberry plants are very easy to grow in pots and require so little maintenance that they will easily re-seed in sunny, frost-free spots in your container garden!

San Marzano Tomato: San Marzano tomatoes were first grown in San Marzano sul Sarno village and have since become known as ‘the most important industrial tomato of the twentieth century’. With its firm, thick flesh and sweet taste, this variety was found to be perfect for the manufacture and exportation of pelati (peeled, tinned whole tomatoes), which have become popular all over the world. Indeed, pizza and pasta would not be the same without these distinctive, pointy, bright-red fruits.

Red and Green Shiso Mix: Shiso, also known as ‘Japanese Basil’, raises a question with all who taste it: is it a basil or a mint? Neither one nor the other, Shiso has a unique taste that is hard to describe. Some say it’s ‘citrusy’, while others call it ‘herbaceous’ – and others still call it ‘sweet’! What is undisputable is that it can be used to give flavour and colour to many different Japanese dishes, from umeboshi to sushi and sashimi.

Alpine Strawberry: The Baron von Solemacher alpine strawberry is an antique German variety that yields dainty clusters of deep red, sweet and juicy berries, which can be up to 25 mm in diameter. Although we aren’t sure who the Baron was, we know that this variety was first offered by F.C. Heinemann, a German seed merchant, in 1935. Alpine strawberries are hardy perennial plants that will flower and fruit from late spring until the first frosts. It’s also an early-fruiting variety – the first strawberries may develop as quickly as 3 months after sowing.

Wildfire Wasabi Rocket: Wildfire/Wasabi is a perennial variety of Wild Rocket, with deep green, serrated foliage that makes an attractive garnish for any dish and mesclun-style salad. An alternative to the usual Rocket, Wild Rocket has a distinctive wasabi taste and its young leaves can be picked in succession. The leaves impart a real “wow factor” on the tongue. They may look harmless, but a nice surprise for the palate lies hidden within!


Piccolo was born in 2012 with the intention of offering seeds for urban gardens. They have a mix of vegetables, edibles flowers and herbs specially designed for pot-growing, which are compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.
Based in Italy.

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