Ritual Bathing Salts


16oz in a clear glass jar with lid

Add a handful or about 1/4 a cup to bath just prior to entering. 

Forest Bathing 
Made with silver fir, vetiver, black spruce and pine. Forest Bathing is earthy and fresh in scent.

Ingredients: dead sea salts, Epsom salts, dendritic salt, crystal salt, french green clay, cedar leaf, and an essential oil blend. 

River Bathing 
Its primary ingredients of cedar, sage and moss give River Bathing and herbal scent thanks perfect for relaxing sore muscles.

Ingredients: Epsom salts, dead sea salt, black salt, dendritic salt, Labrador tea, cornflower petals, and an essential oil blend. 

Lunar Bathing
Lunar Bathing is scented with Jasmine, hoy basil and lavender. Giving it a floral forward but relaxing scent.

Ingredients: Dead sea salts, Epsom salts, dendritic salt, activated charcoal, milky oat tops, lavender buds, jasmine flowers, and an essential oil blend.

Ocean Bathing
With a mixture of cypress, rosemary and sandalwood, Ocean Bathing has a fresh scent with a woody undertone. 

Ingredients: dead sea salt, dendritic salt, black salt, French grey sea salt, dried seaweed blend, and an essential oil blend.

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