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  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine
  • Eaten Magazine EATEN magazine

EATEN magazine

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An independent magazine celebrating the history of food.

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EATEN No. 2: Roots...

Showcases the intertwined origins of world cuisines, from the delicious legacy of Japanese cooking in Peru to the transnational saga of the humble potato and the story of Chinese food in the Spanish colonial Philippines. 


    • Demet Güzey on the Topinambour
    • Sean Sherman on the Movement to Redefine Native American Cuisine
    • Christie Dietz on the Radish Kings of Schifferstadt
    • Eileen Guo on our Modern Obsession with Eating Like Our Ancestors
    • ...And more!


EATEN No. 12: Party...

Party features a collection of exciting and celebratory stories of the debauchery of olde, from the origins of champagne to fish served artistically in a shoe to history’s fabulous feline fetes and more!

        Nathan Myhrvold on the Neapolitan origins of the pizza party
        Livia Djelani on celebrating with tumpeng in Indonesia
        Natalie Love Cruz on the bartender that brought us the cocktail party
        Carlynn Crosby on dining with Salvador Dali
        ...and more!


EATEN No. 13 : Breakfast...

Breakfast is full of a veritable buffet of stories to help you start your day, from the evolution of a perfect hangover cure to the invention of the All-American breakfast to the udder-chaos of a milk promotional campaign gone wrong.

        Eric Millman on the fascist roots of Italian coffee culture
        Wee Ling Soh on slurping a morning bowl of Teochew Fishball Noodle Soup
        J’Nae Phillips on waking up to fish and fruit in Jamaica
        Andrew Yang on the saga of Earl Grey
        ...and more!


EATEN No. 14: Processed...

...includes all the calories, transfats, and knowledge you need to get in the groove, from tales of junk food diplomacy to the saga of sourdough in Jewish China and the enduring turmoil of the Oleo Wars.

        Nawal Nasrallah on the long lost flavors of Middle Eastern fish sauce
        James Mielke on the life and times of the real Chef Boy-ar-dee
        Yesica Balderrama on the magic of Maruchan in Mexico
        Sohel Sarkar on the unlikely rise of soy nuggets in India
        ...and more!


EATEN No. 15: Salty... keeping things savory for the autumn and includes stories on everything from the life and times of MSG to the fight over the real feta to the relationship between salt and empire in India.

        Jonathan Feakins on the global saga of turtle soup
        Rashmi Narayan on the fiery rise of Tabasco sauce
        Zeb Larson on the real history of Biltong
        Sharon Hunt on centuries of life in the land of cod
        ...and more!


EATEN No. 16: Spicy...

...celebrates the some of the most flavorful, fiery, and fascinating moments of culinary history, from everyone’s obsession with Dracula’s paprika to the origins of New Mexico’s signature chiles and the bloody story of nutmeg.

        Alana Al-Hatlani on the relationship between the devil and spice
        Sejal Sukhadwala on the British origins of curry powder
        Sam Bilton on the evolution of gingerbread
        Zoe Suen on the prolific rise of Lao Gan Ma chili oil
        ...and more!


EATEN No. 17: Vegetables...

is a veritable buffet of nourishing stories of the edible past, from the unlikely origins of the baby carrot to the outrageous life and times of the founder of America’s first vegetarian restaurant chain and the enduring legacy of molokia in Egypt and beyond.

        Eric Millman on the legacy of the carciofo alla giudia in Italy
        Mark Corbyn on the lasting influence of ‘Bahay Kubo’ in the Philippines
        Malia Marshall Ogawa on the enduring importance of taro in Hawai’i
        Ariel Knoebel on how Jell-O became an all-American salad
        ...and more!


EATEN No. 18: Desserts...

features a decadent feast of fascinating stories from culinary history, from the life and times of Brownie Mary to the saga of a candy made by a Georgian princess and the legacy of cheese and the Portuguese in Bengal. (Autumn 2023)


    • Dillon Fernando on the legacy of Betty Cocker
    • Anna Ansari on long and winding saga of sharbat
    • Carlynn Crosby on Fidel Castro's obsession with ice cream
    • Cynthia Chou on rebellions and mooncakes
    • ... And more!



About the magazine

EATEN is a beautifully designed print magazine focused on everything food history. Three times a year they publish a new volume filled with a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries. The magazine is designed, edited, and published by Emelyn Rude.

Photos and copy by Eaten Magazine. 

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